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GPM_3IMERGHHE_06 (ImageServer)

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Service Description: Image service for IMERG Early Run data product, displaying precipitation rate in mm/hr at 30-minute intervals shown in local time.


Description: GPM IMERG Early Precipitation Rate L3 V06 is an image service derived from the Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Early dataset. The image service provides global coverage with a temporal span from 06/01/2000 0:00 UTC to present at 30-minute intervals. The service is updated every three hours to incorporate the new granules. To access the REST endpoint for the service, input the URL into a browser or select View just above the URL. IMERG is an algorithm that estimates precipitation rate from multiple passive microwave sensors in the GPM constellation, the GPM Dual-Frequency Radar, and infrared (IR) sensors mounted on geostationary satellites. Currently, the near-real-time Early estimates have no concluding calibration. Briefly describing the Early Run, the input precipitation estimates computed from the various satellite passive microwave sensors are intercalibrated to the Combined Radar-Radiometer Algorithm (CORRA) product (because it is presumed to be the best snapshot Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)/GPM estimate after adjustment to the monthly Global Precipitation Climatology Project Satellite-Gauge (GPCP SG)), then forward morphed and combined with microwave precipitation-calibrated geo-IR fields to provide half-hourly precipitation estimates on a 0.1 degree x 0.1 degree (roughly 10x10 km) grid over the globe. Precipitation phase is computed using analyses of surface temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Single Fused Map Cache: false

Extent: Initial Extent: Full Extent: Time Info: Pixel Size X: 0.09999999661111111

Pixel Size Y: 0.09999999661111111

Band Count: 1

Pixel Type: F32

RasterFunction Infos: {"rasterFunctionInfos": [ { "name": "None", "description": "Make a Raster or Raster Dataset into a Function Raster Dataset.", "help": "" }, { "name": "precipitationCal", "description": "A raster function template.", "help": "" } ]}

Mensuration Capabilities: Basic

Inspection Capabilities:

Has Histograms: false

Has Colormap: false

Has Multi Dimensions : true

Rendering Rule:

Min Scale: 0

Max Scale: 0

Resampling: false

Copyright Text:

Service Data Type: esriImageServiceDataTypeGeneric

Min Values: 0

Max Values: 50

Mean Values: 5

Standard Deviation Values: 3

Object ID Field: OBJECTID

Fields: Default Mosaic Method: ByAttribute

Allowed Mosaic Methods: ByAttribute,Seamline,NorthWest,Center,LockRaster,Nadir,None

SortField: StdTime

SortValue: 2050/01/01

Mosaic Operator: First

Default Compression Quality: 85

Default Resampling Method: Bilinear

Max Record Count: 1000

Max Image Height: 4000

Max Image Width: 4000

Max Download Image Count: 20

Max Mosaic Image Count: 1

Allow Raster Function: true

Allow Copy: true

Allow Analysis: true

Allow Compute TiePoints: false

Supports Statistics: true

Supports Advanced Queries: true

Use StandardizedQueries: true

Raster Type Infos: Has Raster Attribute Table: false

Edit Fields Info: null

Ownership Based AccessControl For Rasters: null

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